Varietal information on WinterFashion®

WinterFashion® - the perfect Christmas cut flower

The tradition of using Christmas Roses as decorative cut flowers probably goes way back.

Mainly in the countryside, Christmas Roses used to serve as an oracle in the night from 24th to 25th December. People placed twelve buds in a glass of water, each bud representing one month of the following year. If a bud opened to a flower between nightfall and daybreak, the weather was predicted to be good for farming in that particular month. If it did not open, poor weather was to be expected.
Right up to today, people love cut Christmas Roses throughout the period leading up to Christmas.

The WinterFashion® hellebore is an ideal cut flower with a long vase-life. The enchanting pure white and round blooms fill any home with Advent spirit.

WinterFashion® hellebores are special in that they feature sturdy, dark-coloured flower stems. WinterFashion® flowers shed their stamens after some time, but do not release pollen dust. WinterFashion® also has the edge of being insensitive to botrytis.

WinterFashion® cut flowers are available from early November to mid-January.

Grown in the Netherlands, they are available through a number of different wholesalers.

If you are a retail consumer, please ask your local flower shop's staff for the WinterFashion® Christmas Rose variety.