Care of WinterFashion® cut hellebores


• re-cut the stems to enhance water uptake

• place the stems in fresh cold water, do not use flower food by any means.

• keep a regular eye on the level of water in the vase as cut hellebore stems must be in water at all times!



• if and when the cuts turn black, re-cut the stems and change the water in the vase

• keep the cut flowers in a cool place, away from radiators and fireplaces and strictly avoid exposing them to direct sunlight



• WinterFashion® has a vase-life of approximately four weeks. After a while, the blooms will turn green and shed the stamens. The pace of this process depends on the temperature. The cooler the place where the flowers are kept, the slower the process of greening. Even green flowers of WinterFashion® are perfect for floristry use.